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8K CCTV Camera

8K CCTV Camera security systems are the highest quality camera systems on the market.DS-2CD55C5G0-IZHS is just one of the latest in 12 Mp hikvision security systems that is perfect for all businesses. In various network setups, smooth streaming offers methods to enhance video quality. To minimise mosaic and reduce latency in live view, for instance, streaming 8K CCTV Camera bit rate and resolution are dynamically adjusted to the identified real-time network situation in poor network conditions.

Due of packet loss and high error rates in multiplayer 8K CCTV Camera networks, the 12mp security camera broadcasts redundant data so that the back-end device can self-correct errors and fix the mosaic issue. When developing third-party applications, metadata can be utilised to use specific instances of application data or the data itself.

The 12MP Security camera can operate with voltages between 10 VDC and 48 VDC. So even in the event of voltage instability, the camera continues to function as intended. The 12MP CCTV camera also features reverse polarity protection, which helps prevent camera malfunction brought on by erroneous operation. The bubble of Anti-Reflection The image quality is enhanced by this anti-reflection bubble design, which prevents IR reflection from raindrops and dust on the bubble.

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

12MP Security Camera

  • 1/1.7” Progressive Scan CMOS
  • 4000 × 3000 @ 20fps 
  • MJPEG up to 1920 × 1080 @ 30fps 
  • 2.8 to 12 mm, 8 mm to 32 mm motorized lens 
  • Color: 0.008 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), 0.018 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR 
  • H.265, H.265+, H.264, H.264+ 
  • Digital WDR
  • 2.8 to 12 mm lens: IR range up to 30 m, 8 to 32 mm lens: IR range up to 50 m 
  • Five streams and up to 5 custom streams 
  • 6 behaviour analyses, three exception detection, and face detection 
  • Built-in microSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, up to 256 GB 
  • Alarm 1 input/1 output, audio 1 input/1 output 
  • IP67, IK10 
  • Anti-IR reflection 
  • Metadata of intrusion detection, line crossing detection
  • region entrance detection, region exiting detection, unattended baggage detection
  • object removal is supported.

Recording Devices

All 8K CCTV Cameras and 12MP 8k NVR CCTV orders include a recording device, which is determined by the number of cameras purchased.

RESOLUTION12 Mega Pixel (12MP)
TECHNOLOGYHikvision Security
12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

12MP CCTV Camera Installation

Within 24 hours of making your order, a member of the customer support team will get in touch with you to set up a free site inspection before your Hikvision 12MP External Dome VF Lens CCTV System camera system is installed.

You can trust that you’ve chosen the ideal 12mp 8K CCTV system for your home thanks to the expertise of our CCTV installation experts. A wide variety of CCTV systems are covered in the training that the Acetech Installation crew receives. Each team member is therefore proficient in installing high-quality 8K CCTV Cameras on both residential and commercial properties.

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

12MP 8K CCTV Camera

To determine the ideal positioning for your equipment, your 12MP CCTV Camera Installation engineer will collaborate with you. Additionally, our staff can advise avoiding regions that are prone to have lighting problems or solar shifts and recommending areas that receive a lot of traffic, are vulnerable to access and blind spots.

Each client is given a breakdown of their 12MP CCTV Camera Installation watching and archiving hardware. As an illustration, our 12MP CCTV Camera Installation engineer will walk you through using your new system and address any concerns you may have. We want every customer to feel confident, protected, and informed about their new system.

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

Swan 8K CCTV Camera System

World Leading 12MP Mega HD Technology: Swann’s groundbreaking 12 Megapixel Professional Enforcer™ NVR Cameras take security to a new level. Their state-of-the-art 12MP CCTV sensors offer 50% more pixels than 4K. Top-notch Video Analytics The Professional EnforcerTM is intelligent enough to notify you sooner of what is happening. With configurable Face Recognition, Person & Vehicle Detection, and more, be informed and start recording.

An updated heat map shows activity You may view onscreen the location of the activities you’re interested in thanks to Swann’s sophisticated Heat Mapping feature. Identify regions that may be vulnerable and places with high and low activity levels quickly. Learn more by contacting the 12MP CCTV Camera Installation services offered at

Look for 12mp cctv camera Color at Night Get colour video at night up to 32 feet (10 metres) with the lights on and even longer black and white video up to 130 feet (40 metres) in complete darkness. Talk to See On any Hey Google or Alexa device with a screen, including Chromecast devices, use your voice to live broadcast. Create your own custom commands and use them, such as “Alexa, show the front door” or “Hey Google.”

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

8K CCTV Camera System

  1. Upload video and still photographs from all cameras to your Dropbox account in the cloud to store evidence off-site. You will therefore have video proof off-site even if your video recorder is taken.
  2. Low-cost Local Storage Months of footage can be stored on the enormous 2TB HDD before previous files are overwritten. Videos can be easily downloaded over a network or to a USB stick without ever paying a subscription fee.
  3. Installing PoE more easily Power over Ethernet cabling, or PoE, makes installation much easier by allowing power, video, and audio to travel over a single Ethernet cable for each camera.
  4. One application, total security Add Wi-Fi cameras and fully connected DVR or NVR surveillance systems to increase your security. You can control everything from the Swann Security app. Security is a major concern.
12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

12MP 8K Security system

Dahua 12MP DH-IPC-HFW71242H-Z, Bullet IP 2.7mm-12mm Wizmind Pro PoE Camera


  • 12MP 1/1.7” CMOS image sensor, high image definition
  • Outputs max. 12MP (4000 × 3000) @25/30 fps
  • Built-in IR LED, max. IR distance: 60 m
  • Rotation mode, DWDR; 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking
  • Perimeter Protection, Face Detection, Video Metadata, ANPR
  • People Counting, Queue Management
  • Alarm: 3 in, 2 out; audio: 1 in, 1 out; RS-485; BNC; supports max. 256 G SD card
  • IP67, IK10 protection
  • Anti-corrosion coating(optional)
  • Five streams for three-channel HD video

The HIK-2CD5AC5G0IZS, an outdoor bullet camera from Hikvision’s 4-Line lineup, produces an outstanding 12MP security camera with high-resolution footage. With a 2.8-12mm auto-focus lens and built-in high-performance IR technology that provides unmatched clarity at night for up to 50m, this Bullet camera is perfect for capturing a vast area so you can concentrate on the specific detail you desire. Furthermore, it supports the H.264+ intelligent compression method, which allows for the generation of an exceptionally well-balanced image and lowers bandwidth/storage needs by up to 50%.

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

8K Home Security System

The 12-megapixel varifocal dome camera from Dahua IPC-HDBW81230E-Z offers smart surveillance technologies and industry-leading image quality, making it ideal for difficult recording situations. With a 12-megapixel ultra HD resolution and a high-quality F1.53 aperture lens, the camera’s motorised lens with 4x optical zoom (and 16x digital zoom) makes it possible to record remarkable detail at both near and far distances within its field of vision. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications because to its IP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal-proof construction.

Image stabilisation and image-enhancing technology like WDR & 3D DNR, smart infrared, digital defog capability, and smart detections that help with effective perimeter monitoring, including face detection and tripwire ability, are among its extensive range of features. A heat map for statistical analysis and people counting are two other helpful behavioural detections. The camera also includes a micro SD card slot, a 50-meter night vision range, and H265+ video compression, which offers extremely efficient bandwidth and storage. The iOS and Android smartphone apps for Dahua’s DMSS (Digital Mobile Surveillance System) allow you to view your live camera footage from anywhere in the world.

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras


  • 1/1.7” 12 Megapixel progressive scan STARVIS™ CMOS
  • 4.1mm ~16.4mm motorized lens
  • H.265+/H.265/ H.264+/H.264 triple-stream encoding
  • 20fps@ 12M(4000×3000), 25/30fps@ 4K(3840×2160)
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range 120dB DWDR, Day/Night auto Infrared Cut ICR, 3D Digital Noise Reduction 3DDNR, Auto White Balance AWB, Automatic Gain Control AGC, Back Light Compensation BLC Region of Interest ROI Electronic Image Stabilisation EIS Defog
  • Smart Detections – Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandonment, E-PTZ, Heat Map, Face Detection, Scene Change
  • Digital Surveillance System for smartphones, tablets & PC – Supports Live streaming of your cameras from anywhere in the world
  • IR Night Vision LEDs length 50m
  • Micro SD memory, IP67IK10PoE+
  • WARRANTY: 3 years back-to-base manufacturer warranty

12mp CCTV, 12mp CCTV Cameras, 12MP Security Camera, 12MP 8K CCTV, 8K CCTV Cameras

DAHUA 12 Megapixel (4K) Motorised Varifocal Dome 4.1mm-16.4mm – IPC-HDBW81230E-Z

Sony’s cutting-edge image sensor technology is used by the Dahua Ultra series cameras, allowing them to create images with higher quality and special effects including Ultra HD resolution, Starlight technology, and Super Wide Dynamic Range. Additionally, the series supports Dahua’s cutting-edge software algorithms, such as heat maps and people counting, providing users with more value for business analysis. The camera can be utilised in even the hardest conditions thanks to its IP67 and IK10 standards.

Plug and Play Power Over Ethernet POE
Each camera doesn’t require its own power outlet. One Ethernet connection connects the NVR to the camera, providing power and video transmission simultaneously. This makes installation quick and simple.

Wide Dynamic Range
Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, a market leader, is included into this camera and creates colourful images even in the most starkly contrasted lighting situations. It works best in situations where the illumination can abruptly shift. In order to produce useable footage, true WDR (120dB) optimises both the bright and dark portions of a scene simultaneously.

Smart H.265+
The enhanced H.265 video compression implementation, Smart H.265+, delivers high-quality video without taxing the network. When compared to regular H.265, the Smart H.265+ encoding technology offers savings of up to 70% in bandwidth and storage thanks to its scene adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure, and intelligent noise reduction.

Intelligent Video System (IVS)
This camera can detect and analyse moving objects for improved video monitoring thanks to built-in sophisticated video analytics. It includes Tripwire analytics, enabling the camera to recognise when a predetermined line has been passed, making it suitable for business surveillance. It can detect a variety of object behaviours, including object removal. IVS also enables people counting and heat maps, which are great for commercial applications because they can be used to evaluate crowd density in a specific area by colour coding.

Smart IR
works to correct for infrared bleaching out or overexposure, which can occur when an object approaches the camera too closely at night. The inbuilt infrared of the camera gives 50 metres of high-performance illumination in complete darkness.

Protection (IP67, IK10, wide voltage, wide temperature)
The camera can function in situations with temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +60 °C. The camera is certified to be appropriate for adverse weather conditions and to be sealed from water and dust by an ingress protection certification of IP67. The camera has an IK10 vandal-resistant grade, which means it can endure 55 kg of force.

Video Management Software, Smart PSS & DSS – Smartphone/Tablet/PC
Through software for PC and Mac, as well as the integrated app for smartphones and tablets, you always have complete access to your camera regardless of where you are. This software enables Live monitoring, the ability to control specific features of your camera as well as playback, setting alarms, and smart detections.

Easy4ip Cloud
Easy 4ip is a user-friendly cloud platform for surveillance that joins gadgets to a vast cloud network. It offers live streaming from smartphones or computers, alarm notifications to your device, cloud storage, cloud firmware upgrades, and data security.

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