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Although digital video surveillance has been around for a while, older cameras and recorders were bulky and challenging to operate. However, as cameras have improved, new video management programmes are now readily accessible to enhance your Hikvision CCTV systems with features like motion detection, email alerts, remote monitoring, and other features in the IVMS. This is so that you can have a better understanding of what’s going on at all times thanks to video management software, which also increases the security of your property.

By projecting live footage on displays located throughout the building or on robbery-prone objects like ATMs or petrol pumps, you may also utilise it to deter crime. Since video management software may offer insights into what occurs on the premises of an asset at any given time, many businesses are now using it for their security and safety solutions. Additionally, it motivates staff to take a more proactive approach to asset management while also raising security and safety standards across the board.

You can quickly and easily see who is at your gate or entering your parking garage with video management software! Similar to this, Hikvision’s iVMS 4500 video management software enables end users to remotely monitor their locations from any location in the world. Its position as the market’s top programme should answer your question. What is iVMS, exactly, and how does it work? How ought one to employ it? And much more just speak to someone at!


The iVMS 4500 is what?

For small-to-medium businesses and distributed company locations that require on-site monitoring and surveillance, the iVMS 4500 is a top-tier video management system. The iVMS 4500 expands on the success of its predecessor by adding new features like improved recording capabilities, high definition display support, a real-time video preview of up to 16 channels, swipe for PTZ control and camera movement, support for preset activation and configuration, and calibration brightness.

Additionally, it offers management of up to 256 groups of devices, and iVMS 4500 makes it simple to create, delete, and modify device profiles. Additionally, you may use a PC, Mac, or smartphone to access iVMS-4500 from anywhere in the world and check the status of all your cameras. Users who have no prior knowledge of IP network systems can quickly and easily set up their own security system with only a few clicks thanks to the user-friendly interface.

In addition, the iVMS-4500 is frequently utilised in companies, schools, and prisons. Users get an unmatched mobile operating experience using its app. As long as your smartphone has an uninterrupted network connection, the app makes it simple to access network cameras whenever and wherever you are. The iVMS 4500 is thus without a doubt a powerful instrument for controlling, watching, and recording video surveillance. It has a number of benefits, including playback functionality and a simplified UI.


How is the iVMS 4500 connected to a phone?

In the security sector, mobile is not only the newest trend but also essential. The fact that people and organisations can communicate while on the road is no longer a surprise, which has increased demand for mobile surveillance solutions. Following the instructions above will enable you to connect to an iVMS 4500 and remotely watch your video feeds from a mobile device. First, get the free Hikvision iVMS 4500 light app from the Apple or Google app stores.

Both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets can use this software. Then, click the Menu button, which is represented by three minuscule lines inside a circle, in the top left corner of the app. The next thing that happens is a menu list appears. Choosing Devices from the drop-down option will bring up a list of the available devices. If you are using the app for the first time, a default “demo” device will appear.

Click the Plus button in the top right corner to add your own. Enter your device’s details next, and then click the Save button. Finally, click the Start Live View button to start viewing your cameras at the bottom of the page. If you want to start Live View, check your settings and make sure you have an internet connection.

IVMS Installer

How is the iVMS 4500 set up?

Viewing live video is one of the most fascinating functions offered by iVMS 4500. To receive live video, though, your video management software needs to be configured. As a result, this section will show you how to correctly configure the iVMS 4500 for live viewing. Open the Device Management Interface and choose the Devices option to start configuring the iVMS 4500 for local devices like DVRs, NVRs, and cameras.

The + button should be used to add a new local device, and the Manual Adding button should be used in the top right corner of the new screen. Completely fill out this form to add a DVR, NVR, or camera. The software may get the device’s camera information if the device is added successfully. To start remote viewing of your camera after adding the devices, simply click the “Start Live View” button. Click Devices once again to go back to the Device Management Interface. The successfully inserted new device will be displayed.

Additionally, you can view a device’s parameters by selecting a device in the Device Management Interface and clicking the device item. After that, select Edit and change the device’s settings to match your actual requirements. Finally, you can either click Save to save the modification or Cancel to undo it. To your surprise, the iVMS 4500 allows for the addition and viewing of up to 256 devices.


How can I get iVMS 4500 on my computer?

Although downloading iVMS 4500 to your PC is quite easy, there are a few things to keep in mind. An Android emulator can be used to get the programme for Windows OS users. Start by downloading the most recent version of the Android emulator if you’re using Windows OS. Utilize the Bluestacks emulator, a free programme that can be downloaded.

The iVMS 4500 APK can then be downloaded from the emulator’s Google Play Store after the emulator has been installed. The iVMS 4500 setup file, on the other hand, is also available for download and saving to your PC. You must extract the ZIP-formatted file you just downloaded before installing it on your computer.

How can I put iVMS 4500 on my computer?

When you double-click the iVMS 4500 setup file after you’ve extracted it, it will ask you for administrator permission. To proceed to the following screen, where you must agree to the Terms and Conditions, just click the Yes button. Once you have agreed to it, click Next. A new page will then display asking you to choose between the Client, Storage Server, or Media Streaming Server options.

The main piece of software used to configure and manage your CCTV cameras is called the client. You only need to select it and click the Next button. Now the installation process will start. Wait for it to be finished while you relax. after completion. It’s time for you to add your cameras now.

How should I set up my PC for iVMS 4500?

Recent interest from many users in operating iVMS-4500 on a PC has prompted us to discuss iVMS-4500 configuration procedures in this section. Bluestacks must first be installed on your computer. Then, just adhere to the straightforward, step-by-step installation instructions to install the application on your smartphone. Double-click the Bluestacks application icon to launch the emulator. From the home screen, open the Play Store. To access Google Play, you might need to check in with your Google account. Then type iVMS 4500 app into the search box and select Install.

Connect a Hikvision DVR, NVR, CCTV/IP Camera to the iVMS 4500 App and launch it. To do this, go to the Menu and then pick Devices from the list that appears on your screen. Click the + sign, then select Manual Adding. You may enter the static DVR, NVR, Hikvision CCTV camera, or IP address for your company here.

Once all of the fields have been completed, click the Save icon in the top right corner. Once you’ve entered the data, you may start watching live videos. Additionally, the live view can be accessed by choosing it from the menu section. Now include the CCTV cameras you want to watch. To watch earlier video recordings, go to the Menu and select Remote Playback. As a result, utilising this application, all live video feeds from various cameras may be easily managed from a single location.

How do I access the iVMS 4500?

On your iPhone or Android phone, open iVMS 4500, and then choose Hik-Connect in the top left corner. It will display the Hik-Connect service login page. Click Login there, but if you haven’t signed up for the service before, click Register first. Then, as instructed on the screen, establish an account before clicking Login.

How is iVMS 4500 installed on a smart TV?

You just need to follow the instructions for installing this app if you’ve been seeking for a way to integrate your security system with your TV. With the iVMS 4500, users may watch and control up to four distinct video cameras from a single place. By using this programme, you can operate from your TV screen just like you would if you were seated at a monitoring station. You only need to follow these few steps to accomplish this. First, get the most recent iVMS 4500 version from the internet because the Play Store on your Smart TV will not have it.

It is suggested that you get the HD version of the software so that it can be displayed in landscape mode, which looks dreadful. Second, since it can be downloaded to your TV, download File Commander for Android. Click the “Allow installing unknown programmes” button in the TV’s security settings after inserting the USB stick. Third, open File Commander and navigate to the Android app extension (APK) on the USB stick.

The iVMS 4500 app can then be installed on your smart TV in the same manner as any other app. Due to the fact that the app is not intended for TV use, it will not by default display on the main home screen view. The software is available through the TV’s settings or by installing a unique launcher. The iVMS 4500 programme should then be selected from the Applications menu, after which you should click Open.

IVMS Aplication

The following step is challenging because the TV’s remote control won’t work right now. You must connect a USB mouse in order to move about and bring up the points. Then, to configure your camera, use the mouse to choose the Region and navigate to the Devices area of the app. Another oddity is that, as of right now, neither the mouse nor the remote control can be used to enter any data into the app’s camera settings. You can either download Android TV Remote to your phone or connect a USB keyboard. The Android TV Remote for the phone can be used to control the TV while you enter all the required settings using the phone’s keyboard.

It is preferable to use the local IP address of the DVR or NVR cameras when configuring the IP. If you can see the phone’s cameras, all you have to do is repeat the settings. Input the iVMS 4500 for the TV’s settings using the app on your phone. Then use the mouse to save the settings. Launch the iVMS 4500 app on your smart TV after that to view all of the cameras. The live view, playback, and other choices are all visible. On the app, it will effectively work the same way as the iVMS 4500.

But since the TV is Android-based, it stands to reason that all that is necessary is the download and installation of the iVMS 4200 software. But that is not the case. The Android TV platform, a modified version made to work on larger televisions, does not properly support the iVMS 4200. We use iVMS 4500 as a result for Smart TVs.


Why doesn’t the iVMS 4500 function?

It is extremely typical for a software programme to occasionally stop working correctly. But when this happens, you must of course look for solutions. Therefore, if your iVMS 4500 connection drops, you must first analyse and pinpoint the issue before making an attempt to fix it using the steps listed below:Verify that your phone has coverage and internet access

The iVMS 4500’s malfunction can be attributed, in part, to a poor internet connection on your phone. Check the internet on your phone to see if you can remotely control your cameras. You must first verify that your phone is connected to an internet provider in order to reestablish internet connectivity. To ensure that your WiFi connection is reliable and powerful, you can test it. Check to check if your iVMS 4500 App needs to be updated, then turn off your mobile phone’s WiFi or cellular network and attempt seeing your cameras once more.

Your iVMS 4500 app might not be functioning properly because it is out of date. You must thus ensure that the most recent software version is installed on your Android or iPhone smartphone. Run the software after updating it to the most recent version to see if the issue has been fixed. Verify that all the settings are correct.


iVMS 4500 connection

Your iVMS 4500 connection was unsuccessful for another reason because the app settings were off. To resolve this problem, double-check your security system’s settings. To make sure that everything is in working order, it should be done. To do this, select the Navigation tab in the upper left corner, then choose the Device option. Select the appropriate device from the list there, then edit the device’s details by clicking the pencil icon in the top right.

After that, confirm that the Username and Password are correct by clicking the IP address or DNS. Check to see if you can now see the cameras live on your app once more after finishing it. Your external IP address may have changed, therefore this could be the case. You’re probably not utilising the DNS but an external IP address. Therefore, if you continue to utilise the old IP address in the event that your external IP address changes, you won’t be able to see your cameras.

You should be aware that the great majority of internet service providers give their clients changeable IP addresses. Visit the site where your CCTV system is located and link it to your WiFi network to remedy the issue, though. Then, enter “What is my IP address?” into Google and contrast it with the 9-digit IP address stated in your iVMS 4500 configuration settings. Execute the software after changing the IP address to the new one and connecting your network wire.

IVMS Fails

It’s possible that you are completely unaware that a network or internet cable has been cut. Look to see if any of the cables connecting the router and DVR/NVR have come loose. Check everything else one more time as well. For instance, ensure that the Ethernet cable connector is properly connected. Verify that the port forwarding configuration is right. If a connection on iVMS fails, you should also make sure that the port forwarding is set up properly and that the ports are open. You should be aware that the ports on your router can be opened manually or automatically using the UPnP feature on your recorder.

The majority of the time, when the server port is inactive, indicating that the port is closed, the biggest connection issue arises. You might have to change to a different port to fix this. However, it is advised that you change the server port to 8001 or the HTTP port to 82 or anything else. Your Recorder/firmware Camera may need to be updated. A firmware problem could be the cause of connectivity problems with the iVMS 4500.

Prior to this, some firmware had issues with the UPnP functionality, which caused the ports to shut down on their own. Make sure your recorder or camera is current as a result. Do not worry if you experience issues with your iVMS 4500! Most of the time, there are simple solutions and ways to restart it. You can use the simple troubleshooting techniques listed above to get your system back up and running. If it doesn’t work, get professional advice and get in touch with your vendor directly for more support.

How can I utilise the iVMS 4500?

The video management programme Hikvision iVMS-4500 has simple-to-use functionality. This software has a comprehensive user interface and can manage numerous channels simultaneously. This manual will go into great detail on how the iVMS 4500 handles practical tasks. After downloading, installing, and activating the iVMS 4500 software, the first thing you need to do is include a Hikvision CCTV Camera/DVR/NVR/IP Camera in your application.

Click the Menu icon in the top-left corner to do this. Next, select Devices from the menu in the top right corner, and then click the Add button. Select Manual Adding next. Your Hikvision CCTV Camera/DVR/NVR is now being added to the iVMS 4500. Don’t forget to click the Save icon in the top right corner after inputting the data. As soon as you have provided all the necessary information, the Camera No. will change automatically, so don’t worry about it. By clicking the Start Live View button, you may start viewing Live View. You can also select the Live View icon by first selecting the top-left Menu button.

Select the CCTV cameras you want to view in the next step, and the live view should now be available. To access the remote Playback Records, however, first select Remote Playback from the top-left menu button. Select the cameras you wish to watch after selecting the appropriate start and end durations for watching the replay video records.

IVMS Security App

Additionally, iVMS 4500 can be used for a variety of purposes. You could use it, for instance, to switch between cameras in live view. Click the Camera icon to display a list of your cameras in order to achieve this. Click the box, choose live view, then pick your camera from the list of cameras that appears. The tiny disc will display the number of camera pages you have if you have more than four cameras. Swipe through the pages and tap on a camera to view it in full-screen mode.

You might be unsure of the meaning of the buttons in the Live View box. Please let us guide you through the procedure. When a drop-down menu appears, choose Devices and five icons. You can take a picture and store it to your phone’s picture gallery by using the camera icon. On the other hand, the recognisable recorder is used to capture a video and store it on your phone.

Pan Tilt Zoom Controls are activated using the third item on the same list, and the stream type is changed using the fourth screen icon (usually it should be kept on fluent). The fifth icon is used to end the Live View at the end. Wait! There’s more still! To display more options, swipe the buttons to the right. They can be used to digitally zoom, pause playback, start and stop listening, and use the microphone.

How is the iVMS 4500 activated?

A Pan Tilt Zoom button is there, as was already mentioned. You can use the joystick to turn on the PTZ controls. It displays zoom controls, image focusing controls, and preset position controls while rotating the camera 360 degrees. Before moving the first camera, make sure the joystick button has been pressed. Next, move the camera in the desired direction by dragging it with your finger on the screen. Green arrows will appear on the screen to signal that the message was delivered successfully. You might have to wait for a second or two for the camera to receive the command if you are not at the farm.

Additionally, you can zoom in the same way by using the zoom controls or pinching and un pinching your fingers on the screen. Feel free to play around with Hikvision iVMS 4500 as it has a tonne of useful features. Everything you do on the iVMS 4500 won’t have any impact on the CCTV camera, so you can rest easy!

Simply download iVMS 4500 from the Apple Store or Play Store (depending on whether you are using an Apple or Android device) to activate it, then configure any local Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, or cameras for remote viewing. Furthermore, activating the iVMS 4500 is a rather easy process. To use the Hikvision iVMS 4500 app, just download and install it, then click Open. However, before using it for remote monitoring, you would first need to register as a user. However, if you already have an account, just log in using those details.

How do I add the iVMS 4500 devices?

The Hikvision iVMS 4500 supports a large number of add-on devices. Video encoders and decoders, PTZ cameras, DVRs, switchers, and servers are some of the most used. The kind of the device and the device’s IP address are two things you need to know in order to add a device to iVMS 4500. To access the Device Management interface, first click the Settings icon, then select Folder. To add a new device and, if wanted, give it a name, click the Plus icon there. then select IP server, IP/Domain, or HiDDNS as the registration mode.

Enter the Username and Password for the just added device after that. The number of cameras below the device may be accessed when it is online after being successfully added. Finally, press the Save icon to confirm the changes. To return to the Device Management interface, click Devices once more. Once properly added, the newly added device will be displayed in the Device Management interface.

How can I remove the iVMS 4500 devices?

This section explains how to delete a device from the software, which may occasionally be necessary. To accomplish this, choose the device you want to delete from the Device Management interface, click the Delete icon, and then tap the Confirm button in the pop-up dialogue box. That’s it. A device has been removed from the Hikvision iVMS 4500.


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