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Mesh wifi

Your local installation service is the mesh wifi installers close to you. As the top authority on wireless network solutions in the UK, Mesh WiFi Installation Service’s portfolio includes the most cutting-edge products and technology. We will add coverage where none previously existed or increase the coverage of your present systems thanks to our extensive experience in establishing indoor Wi-Fi solutions.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me

Mesh wifi

For our clients’ communication needs, we offer a wide variety of wireless options and solutions. The most crucial step in building a wireless network is the initial on-site RF Wi-Fi survey. Otherwise, the coverage and capability of your implementation will just be a best guess. Since more and more Wi-Fi-enabled devices are being used, providing coverage and increasing capacity are now equally important.

Based on the RF survey, we will give you our wireless design, which will guarantee that the following crucial aspects are covered:

Your current network and anticipated demand will be taken into account in our design. We advise making your solution scalable in order to manage the future and satisfy your company’s security needs.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me


To ensure that your operation is not significantly disrupted, your personnel will work with our network of professional installers located throughout Australia. We want to equip you (or your employees) to manage the network once we have finished the design, whether you are connecting WiFi for your home, your boat, your farm, your work mine site, or your metro office building.

Offering a service for installing mesh WiFi Services for Outdoor Wireless Installation Despite the distinctive characteristics of the UK’s exterior environment, Mesh Wifi and Telecommunications has the expertise to build an external wireless network thanks to years of experience and trustworthy goods. Don’t put up with leased lines or sluggish speeds. Make sure your outside network is used to its full potential by taking advantage of quick speeds and low operational expenses.

Mesh Wifi Installation service

Because of our years of experience, we are unique in that we can successfully deploy in the rough and difficult terrain of the United Kingdom while maintaining 100% availability. Installers of Mesh Wifi or our certified Partners are ready to help you choose the best option for you in the following areas:

  • High-speed 3G/4G Broadband
  • Improving in the home (and office) mobile phone coverage
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Wireless
  • Distributed WiFi
  • Mesh
  • Microwave Installations
  • WLAN
  • Wireless bridges
  • Towers and rooftop Installations
  • Data cabling
  • CCTV Installation

Visit see your alternatives, go to our page on Industry Solutions. Please call us or email us if you would like a FREE initial phone consultation for your indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi solution.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me

TP Link Mesh Wifi

Mesh WiFi is a whole-home WiFi system designed to do rid of dead spots and deliver consistent WiFi all over your house. Mesh solutions give your network’s devices access to faster speeds, wider coverage, and more dependable connections. Mesh WiFi systems offer numerous access points, unlike conventional routers, which only have one point from which to broadcast WiFi.

One device becomes the primary hub after it connects to the modem. The signal from the router will be captured and transmitted again by the other devices, or “nodes”. The end result is a wireless network that is effective and offers a strong signal wherever you go.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me

Who needs Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is designed for customers who desire a simple, quick-to-install WiFi system as well as people who live in homes with poor or insufficient WiFi coverage. Traditional routers sometimes fall short of completely encircling large or multi-story homes due to their restricted range. A mesh WiFi router might be useful if your house is larger than 3,000 square feet, has two floors, interior brick walls, or has an odd layout.

For those who want a strong WiFi system but don’t want to deal with the difficult setup and configuration that most standard routers require, mesh WiFi is a fantastic alternative. Mesh WiFi is also an excellent choice for customers who possess range extenders and don’t want to transfer networks when they travel upstairs or downstairs because mesh functions on a single network.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me

TP Link Mesh System

What Advantages Does Mesh WiFi Offer? The range of conventional routers is constrained. Although a range extender can help with this problem, range extenders trade connectivity for speed. With mesh WiFi, you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy both fast speeds and far-reaching connectivity.

WiFi mesh range inside a house Just One Network for the Whole House You may avoid having to sign into a different network each time you go upstairs by using a mesh WiFi router, which allows you to stay connected to one reliable network wherever you are. You may continue to be online even if one of your mesh nodes fails because to the clever and user-friendly mesh technology.

Mesh WiFi is provided across the entire house by two Deco routers in various locations. Stable Long Distance Communication No matter where you are in your house, you can receive a strong and reliable connection with a mesh router. You can get strong WiFi whether you’re at the top of the stairs or the bottom of the basement since each mesh node piggybacks on the signal of the other nodes.

Illustration of the Deco app directing you to your router’s location Simple setup and administration The majority of mesh routers available today have simple network setup and management features that let you change network settings, check speeds, and implement parental controls.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me

Mesh WiFi to multiple devices

In charge of your smart home Some mesh routers, such as the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus, are so sophisticated that they serve as both a WiFi router and a smart hub, allowing you to connect your Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WiFi devices while also allowing you to control all of your smart devices through the Deco app.

How does Mesh WiFi Work?

Deco diagram displaying Mesh WiFi-capable Deco products Mesh WiFi operates by connecting two or more mesh WiFi “nodes” together to form a network.

A single node is connected to your internet modem, and the remaining ones can be scattered about your house to build a strong wireless network. These nodes, as opposed to conventional routers, are all connected to the same network and use the same SSID and password. As a result, setting up and expanding your mesh network is as simple as adding a new node.

Due to the way that each node in the system acts as a “daisy chain” for other nodes in the system, these nodes are crucial for effectively distributing WiFi. The strongest signals can be sent from nodes even the farthest away from the router. Nodes

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me
Mesh Nodes Wifi

the quickest band for your devices by corresponding with one another, and to reroute traffic in the event that a node fails. What distinguishes a Mesh WiFi network from a Range Extender? Image of a home lacking Mesh Wi-Fi a photo of a residence with mesh WiFi While mesh WiFi and range extenders might seem to function similarly, there are several significant distinctions.

In order to keep you connected to the same network, mesh WiFi devices have roaming protocols as well as mesh technologies like self-healing and adaptive routing. Once you are sufficiently far from your router, range extenders require you to manually sign on to a new network in order to retain a good connection.

While mesh networks eliminate the need for additional networks, the majority of range extenders are set up under different networks. Range extenders only repeat the router’s original signal, while each mesh node essentially acts as its own router.

A range extender cannot offer a WiFi signal as quickly or as effectively as mesh WiFi. Note: Despite the fact that our Deco M3 (3-pack) uses mesh satellites that resemble range extenders, the two are not equivalent. Similar technology and reasoning are used by these mesh satellite modules to build a robust mesh WiFi system that range extenders cannot.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me
Mesh WiFi Features

one password, one name Single Name Unified Password With mesh WiFi, you can access your network using just one network name and one password to get consistent WiFi throughout your entire house. Diagram demonstrating how the Deco router connects the gaming machine to high-speed WiFi. Continuous Roaming No matter where you are in your home, seamless roaming enables you to maintain a connection to your network. Even while you’re streaming, switching from one mesh node to another is so seamless that it’s barely audible.

Intelligent Routing To ensure that you always have the highest speeds, mesh WiFi routers employ adaptive routing to automatically select the ideal configuration and band for your data. Deco Router demonstrating its capacity for self-healing Self-Healing Your mesh WiFi network will automatically reroute data in the event that one of your nodes goes offline to ensure that you continue to have access to the internet.

Conclusion Since its introduction, mesh WiFi has quickly expanded and been enthusiastically accepted by the general public because to its practicality, usability, and simplicity of setup. To view all deco mesh routers, click the TP-Link Mesh product list.

Mesh wifi, TP Link WiFi, Wifi installation service near me
Common Questions regarding Mesh WiFi

To get mesh WiFi, do I need to buy a new router? Absolutely not! You can receive mesh WiFi by upgrading your current compatible TP-Link router to OneMesh via a free firmware update and connecting it to a suitable mesh extender or powerline extender. To view all relevant models, click the list of TP-Link routers that are compatible.

Will Mesh WiFi function in my home if the walls are made of brick, stucco, or concrete? Yes! In homes with these circumstances, mesh WiFi systems will function. However, due to external conditions, the majority of routers (including mesh WiFi) may occasionally lose connectivity. Purchasing a powerline extender can be preferable if your walls are very thick.


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