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Wireless Camera

CCTV installation service for installing wireless cameras Thanks to industry-leading technology, the Dahua Wireless Series network cameras are very precise and produce high-quality images thanks to industry-leading technology. They are simple to install because they don’t need network cables. For various wireless application scenarios, it includes the WiFi Series, 4G Camera, and 5G Camera.

Wireless CCTV, Wireless Camera, Dahua Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless CCTV Series

The Wireless Camera CCTV system Dahua 0280B-NVR was created for continuous or predetermined IP monitoring and comes with 1 Dauha recorder and professional IP cameras IPC-HDW1230SP-0280B. The wireless CCTV system also comes with four IP cameras, each of which has a broad 101° viewing angle and can, when properly placed, cover the entire room. When constructing the video system, the stable operation of IP monitoring within 100 metres offers a lot of design options.

Wireless CCTV, Wireless Camera, Dahua Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless CCTV Camera

Motion detection DETECTION OF MOTION The IP camera’s capability to register only when motion has been detected in the field of view is a useful feature. In order to save energy and reduce the amount of space used up on the disc, the camera won’t begin recording until it notices a change in the image.

System Integration The Dahua brand is a component of the multinational Onvif project, which aims to standardising and bring all video monitoring standards under one umbrella.

the type of tightness STRENGTH CLASS An IP66-certified, tough housing made of aluminium alloy protects against a variety of weather conditions.

  • Software SMART PSS
  • Smart PSS software is a free-of-charge irreplaceable help which enables efficient video
  • Surveillance with the use of IP cameras with permanent access to the Internet. The
  • Software enables monitoring of the area via telephone.
Wireless CCTV, Wireless Camera, Dahua Wireless IP Cameras

Dahua Wireless IP Cameras

The DAHUA IP DHI-NVR4104-W is a recorder for CCTV monitoring from 4 IP cameras with a maximum resolution of 5 Mpx. The recorder has one pocket where a single HDD disc with a maximum capacity of 4 TB can be connected. Thanks to free specialised software, a view of the monitored region is accessible from anywhere in the world. A crucial aspect is the system’s capacity to record both when motion is detected and in accordance with a predetermined schedule. The recorder features modern functionality and fashion.

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